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Rebel for ECD Lacrosse

In January, Rapha photographer and filmmaker George Marshall travelled to northern Argentina with long-distance riders Jesse Carlsson, Sarah Hammond and Neil Phillips. Unsupported, with George carrying all his camera equipment on the bike, they tested our latest new season range, riding deep into an ever changing landscape from Salta to Jujuy and the Andes.

The series was created by Angus, who will ride every kilometre of the three trips with a changing cast of characters that will include Lachlan and other familiar Thereabouts faces. Angus said Outskirts would build on the success of the original films by combining their raw storytelling and visual style with exploration of the most challenging and recognised roads in the world.

Angus added: “The first film is Route 66 in the US , and it’s the best time for it. Every day, broadcast around the world is this image of a very divided America, a split society, this angry picture of a community that’s changing. But what we’ve experienced is so far from it. We’re just a few days in and people have been so welcoming, so friendly, so helpful and that’s because of how we’re taking this journey.

“Everyone we’ve met on this iconic road so far has been totally different – left right, religious, atheistic, but whatever the label all so embracing. On this fundamental level, they’ve all been so open and so welcoming and I think it’s because the bike is this disarming tool, this incredible way to see a road, this thing that opens people up.”



This was a fun shoot

Jason Koontz